For the first time in history, more than half of the human population is living in cities. It’s estimated that five million people worldwide move into cities every month. It's as if each month a new Atlanta is created.

With unprecedented urban growth, there remain few cities on the planet where the world collides, where the most wealthy, needy and famous walk the same streets.

New York City is chief among them with 8 million in the city and 22 million in the metropolitan area. This is a city that houses the most influential sectors in the world, from Wall Street to Broadway to the United Nations.

Forty percent of the people are foreign born, many having immigrated from countries where preaching Christ is illegal. In arguably the most strategic city in the world, millions who together have massive global influence don’t know Christ. In Manhattan, only 3% of the population attends an evangelical church.

For 35 years, Cru New York City has worked its way into the fabric of virtually every segment of the city. Together with like-minded partners and churches, Cru New York City has integrated into specific communities across the city – from Yankee Stadium, the United Nations and New York University, to Grand Street high school in Brooklyn, immigrant communities and Wall Street. We’re bringing life to the inner city and hope to current and future leaders.

We actively work to forge synergistic, city-wide partnerships to accelerate the growth of the gospel in New York City. We understand that the whole is stronger than the parts.

With 95 well-trained staff, two strategically located ministry centers, 130 inner-city church partners serving the poor, 50 church partners working with high school students, and 30 church partners in Manhattan engaging professionals in the the marketplace, we are thankful to be a part of what God is doing.